How To Be Productivity Series 2019 Edition Starts Friday, February 8th

Stop by WeWork 300 Park lunch with us or hop online with us and become more productive in 2019! SMART In Concepts proudly presents for 6th Annual:

How to Be Productive In 2019: "Health & Happiness”

What is wealth or the perfect career without outstanding health and happiness? Nothing! As we set goals for 2019, we must realize that health and happiness are the most important aspect in order to achieve massive true success in life. No matter how much money you have, without health and happiness, you will still be miserable. In this productivity session, we will explore methods of developing great health and happiness in 2019. We will review how health plays the most important part of a productive life.

Instructed by Master Business-Life Architect Shawn Ryan Randleman, CEO of Venture Concept Group & Co-Founder of SMART In Concepts! This class is valued at $149! But join us for $10 bucks! Loaded with 50% more productivity methods and tactics than our 2018 class! Can't make or miss the class the recording is available immediately


12:00-12:30 pm
Connecting and Lunch (Online Attendee will be able to network too)

12:30-12:45 pm
How To Be Productivity 2019? "Health & Happiness” Class Starts

Ask-A-Guru Q&A Live Session

Closing Networking


Complimentary Beer, Coffee, and Tea


Salad & Soup from Fresh & Co
Sandwich from Cosi
Once you purchase your ticket you will receive menu options


$9.99 Online Class Access
$29.99 Attend Class at WeWork (Lunch will be served)
No at door tickets available