The Venture Concept Fund Is For Serious Innovative Opportunities!

After 16 years of business, and successfully scaling over 40 companies that achieved the elite status of Inc. Magazine’s 500/5000 fastest growing companies in American. Our founders decided in 2016 to start investing in some of these awesome companies, but only the most disruptive and sustainable opportunities.

The Concept Strategy + Fund is engineered for only highly productive companies with a truly disruptive model which has an 80% chance of penetrating a large market share while making a sustainable impact on the world. The fund is dedicated to disruptive & sustainable innovative opportunities no matter which industry the opportunities in. Preferably we seek investments that are Pre-Revenue, Seed/Angel, Series A and ICO opportunities with the minimum investment of $10K and a maximum of $2 million per project.

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Investment Requirement

  • Pre-Revenue, Seed, Angel, Series A and ICO
  • Disruptive Model In The Industry
  • Fully Committed Team
  • All team members must be willing to undergo a background check
  • All team members must be willing complete DiSC, Myers-Briggs & MAPP assessment
  • Preferably it must be located within the USA, Canada, European Union, India, China or Saudi Arabia (some exceptions) based on the company
  • Initial Investment of 25k-$2 million dollars
  • Business Plan with Complete Financial Projection
  • Cap Table under 12 stakeholders
  • Position on Board of Advisory as Strategies
  • Available Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) position (Minimum of 24 months)
  • Control of finding and training CSO successor