Unlocks Your Dreams, Ideas and More...

Everyone has a purpose in this world, no matter where you live. We’re all born creative by instinct having something to offer this world that no one else has. Unfortunately, due to different environments, we come from over time this purpose fades away.

Conceptual Solutions unlocks your dreams, ideas and more importantly your purpose in life. We’ve created two dynamic programs which assist professionals and new entrepreneurs in establishing the mindset and business model needed to execute their purpose.


Mindset is the key...

How do we access our fullest potential? We’ve all been raised in different environments, yet in America, we all have the opportunity to break away and become great, but how? Mindset is the key and In this 30-day program, you will discover your true strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats which hold you back from achieving excellence. We use proven systems such as DISC profiling, Myers-Briggs Test, and Career MAPP assessment to help you discover your personality and behavior type. We use this assessment to help you find what you have a deep passion for in life and what technique you need in order to achieve that goal. If your a career professional or an entrepreneur this program will be a great benefit to you in your personal development. 


Fine Your DREAM BUSINESS In 30 days

Our iCreate Solutions also provides new potential entrepreneurs or career professionals an in-depth outlook on opportunities in business engineered around your current skills and talents. We work with you on first discovering who you want to become and how to create a new opportunity which will help you achieve your goals. The key elements towards your success in our 30-day program:

  • Discovering Yourself using DiSC profile

  • Discovering Your Personality using a Myers-Briggs Profile

  • Discovering Your Skills using MAPP Assessment

  • Discovering The Right Business Model

    • Talent/Skill Driven Business Model

    • Hobby Driven Business Model

    • Startup Business (future employees)

    • Franchise Business Model

    • Direct Sales Business Model

  • Create Step-by-Step Personal Strategy Action Plan


iCreate is a program perfect for anyone looking to start a business but that is seeking a comprehensive business model. Setup your free consultation today and learn more about our iCreate program.


Do you have an idea you are very passionate about?

Don’t know where to start? Tired of looking for information on how to get started on the internet? iStart's 12 steps to launch program will assist you in developing your idea from a dream to reality in as little as 12 weeks. We’ve studied some of the most successful startup models: Lean, Business Canvas, Agile and much more combing the most successful elements to create the ultimate 12 step startup program. Built based on over 50 years of startup research studying some of the most successful startups in the world. We’ve discovered the perfect formula to start your business with less trial & error. So you can focus on the important stuff like creating the best product & services for your potential clients.


The Key Elements Towards Your Success in our 12 Step System

CNSD Idea.jpg

Step 1: Take a skills and interests inventory

Step 2: Research and Evaluate Your Interests

Step 3: Choose a Business, a Location, a Structure, and Name

Step 4: Calculate the Costs

Step 5: Write Your Strategic Business Plan

Step 6: Identify Sources of Startup Financing

Step 7: Work Through the Startup Paperwork Maze

Step 8: Develop Your Innovative Marketing and Customer Service Plan

Step 9: Discovering Your First Customers

Step 10: Create Your Support Team

Step 11: Execute Your Marketing Plan

Step 12: Hang Out Your Shingle “Launch Party"

iStart is ideal for anyone who has a great idea and who wants to launch their startup with an innovative edge over their competition. We guarantee we will assist you in starting your business the proper way that will save you time and money! Setup your free consultation today and learn more about our iStart program.