Stop Growing or Fail?

There’s a simple answer…No Continuous Innovation! Many businesses make the big mistake of failing to stay innovative in this new global marketplace. Even well-established businesses fail to be innovative because it's hard to see potential pitfalls if your business is balanced with steady cash flow and profits. Startups are even more prone to failure because most believe they have a “Unicorn” business model. Not realizing the very second you bring your new product/service to market someone else is working on a similar or better model of what you’ve created. So how do we stay continuously innovative with all the other business operations moving forward? How do we stay up on the competition while focusing on our customers' needs? We believe the answer is our Continuous Solution Development!


Patent-Pending Methodology...

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Continuous Solution Development is built from the patent-pending methodology called Continuous Innovation created by our founder Shawn Ryan Randleman. Continuous Innovation is the continuous study of the innovative components necessary to develop a disruptive and sustainable business model or product. It aims at continuously strategically auditing the 7 major departments of successful operation: Administration, Accounting, Marketing, Production, Sales, R&D, and Purchasing(Sourcing) Departments. Analyzing 8 key proven scientific areas in each department (Accountability, Connection, Sources, Implementation, Market, Media, Collaboration & Community)  which maintains sustainable growth and disruptive innovation. When using the method, outside experts work with the internal operation team on making necessary real-time adjustments across departments. These outside experts ensure synergy across all departments to execute the stakeholder’s long-term vision.


Get A Team of Solution Specialists... 

Continuous Solution Development utilizes the "Continuous Innovation” method with the expertise of a "Solution Specialist" that will assist you in building a solid sustainable business. Every Solution Specialist has a background in coaching, consulting, strategy, and project management utilizing innovational methods across multiple industries. A Solution Specialist does not work alone; they work with a team of 3-8 solution experts in specific areas between depending on your current business needs. We call this your "Solution Team," which is flexible and scalable at any time during your growth. The Solution Team works closely with your team on strategies in resources, planning, and market development.


We have 4 Continuous Solution Development Services to Meet Our Clients' Scalable Needs!

Each unique service package is engineered based on your current stage in business and requirements to grow.


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  • 1-5 Years Old
  • Legal Entity


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  • 2+ Years Old
  • Establish Customers


csd growth.png
  • 3+ Years Old
  • New Product or Service


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  • 5+ Years Old
  • Flat or Declining Sales

Simply put, Continuous Solution Development is like having a 24/7 Chief Strategy Officer and Solution Strategy team anytime, anywhere at any stage of your growth. Our goal with each project we work on is to assist each client in "Scaling Beyond The Ordinary” traditional business of today. Preparing your business for the globally competitive world of tomorrow, Today! Setup a free consultation and learn more about how Continuous Solution Development can save your team time and money in the growth of your business.