Need to Create a Funding Strategy?


Innovative Strategy Solutions for Funding is a dynamic funding strategy & resource services to raise capital for your project or new idea. Stop wasting time and energy looking for funding and have the solution strategy experts at Venture Concept Group secure funds quickly.

Venture Concept Group works with our clients in developing a solid strategic plan and connects them with the right resources which match their unique type of project. We explore and devise concrete strategies in all seven key areas of funding.

Personal Funding

We work with our clients in reviewing and evaluating credit and personal assets which can fund their project. Creating a plan that limits their risk and maximizes their reward from their investment.

Grant Funding

We work with our client on finding and securing possible grant opportunities which can fund their project. Conducting research and even grant writing services to increase application accuracy.

SBA Loan Funding

We work with our client in establishing business credit and securing a SBA subsidized loan to fund their project. Establishing a Duns & Bradstreet account and developing creditors to boost their score for better terms on a SBA loan.


We work with our clients on creating a compelling crowdfunding strategy and execution steps to fund their project. We help them choose the right platform, create, promote and monitor the campaign for outstanding results.

Private Equity Funding

We work with our clients in planning & preparation for private equity investors for their project. We plan and assist in connecting our clients with Private Equity investors who may be interested in investing in their projects or business model.

Angel Funding

We work with our clients on finding the right type of Angel Investor which adds not only financial value but also operational and developmental value to your business model. We have a database of over one thousand potential Angel Investors for your project or business model.

Venture Capitalists Funding

Clients who are ready for the big leagues! We work with developing and connecting you with the top VC within your industry. We prepare you for your validation and strategy towards using the funds for expanding, monitoring the ROI.

ICO & STO Funding

We work with our clients on getting their ICO-STO launched from A-Z, fully USA- EU compliant and government approved. We can raise up to $50 mill from investors of all wealth levels worldwide for your project. We prepare contracts, and convertible notes to raise capital before the tokens have been completed. Building only SEC Reg A+ and Reg D 506C ICOs & STOs models

So if you need funding, don't look any further!

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