The Venture Group Finds the Perfect Investor & Innovator for Your Next Project!


Over the past few years, we’ve connected with many Venture Capitalists, Angels, Private Equity & Hedge Fund managers looking for the right fit for their portfolios with high returns. At the same time, we’ve come across some amazing projects that just needed a small investment for a great return. How do we connect these amazing opportunities so that they can benefit from each others' growth?

The Group Investment Fund service is designed to match highly qualified opportunities with the perfect investors. Cutting your funding time by up to 85%! Sounds too good right? We use a scientific patent pending due diligence process reviewing both parties interests and milestones they’ve yet to achieve in developing their opportunity. We're not Brokers, but Innovative Strategists who provide strategic guidance during the deal process. We don’t stop there because we continue to provide strategic development for up to 24 months after the investment, ensuring the maximum return on investment for both parties.


Our Group Investment Fund currently has 75+ investors representing over 80 industries funds totaling 100+ million. Unlike other collaborative funding groups, our Investors directly deal with the opportunities we match them to. No Middleman! We're here to provide your opportunity with the very best investors that are capable of helping to scale your project. We assist our investors in reinforcing your opportunity's accountability by monitoring the plan vs. the actual activity during the return process. Providing immediate insight and ways to improve the performance of the opportunity. The minimum investment is $5K and a maximum of $10 million per project.


Innovative Investment Solution Facts:

  • 11+ Pre-Revenue Investors

  • 25+ Angel Investors

  • 7+ Private Equity Investors

  • 22+ Venture Capitalists Investors

  • 8+ Hedge Fund Investors

  • Top Investing Sectors Health, Hospitality, Crypto-Technology, Retail, Transportation, AR/AI/ML & Real Estate

  • $800+ million dollar fund allocated for 2018 opportunities

  • Investors invest for equity, convertible note, debt, revenue shares & simple agreements for future tokens (SAFT)

  • Opportunity Stakeholders set their own terms

  • Investors have options to Individually invest or participate in a Group Investment with other investors in the Fund