"It was great meeting you at Small Biz Expo!"

Thank you again for taking the time to read my email & for chatting with me at the Small Biz Expo! If you're anything like me, you meet hundreds of great people like yourself at this event. It's easy to lose track and never follow-up. After attending over 10 of these Expo's across the U.S. and connecting with only 20%. I work on developing a more effective way to connect with everyone I meet

Shawn Ryan Head Blue Broard.png

So I want to set up a "Connection Chats" (fancy phrase for Phone/Video Chat) which is a 15-minute interactive chat. This Chat will be centered around us learning more about each other and our current endeavors. This chat is a very casual and fun conversation to discover if their anyway we can assist each other in growing.

This is not a sell chat, it's just my process of connecting with people without wasting each other's time. To be frank, time is priceless to me and I hope you feel the same!

Please fill out the short form below so my team can provide you with my availability. I really look forward to speaking with you in the next few days!