Venture Concept Group founders believe that the most important goal of every business is to give back to the community. Every founder of a successful company has something they want to give back to this world. Since we're a disruptive & sustainable innovative firm we have a deep passion for causes which advances technology and professionals. Below is our foundation we’ve started to impact the world to a more positive balance.  

Created By Earth

Newport News, Virginia, USA

Created By Earth promotes environmental awareness, health and wellness initiatives for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. Created originally in 2003 by our CEO, Shawn Ryan Randleman under Smart Venture Concepts, Inc (acquired in July 2017). Created By Earth provides free advice, volunteers and support for several larger charities such as American Cancer Society, Wildlife Conservation, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation, America Heart & Lung Association and several other distinguished charities.


Young Entrepreneur Student Society

New York, New York, USA

Young Entrepreneurs Student Society (YESS) provides free accountability coaching & entrepreneur mentorship for young adults between the ages of 14-24 years old. Over 50 young people apply each year for this program. YESS selects only 10 amazing young students each year from all over the country to participate in an intense 12 month program towards entrepreneurship. Each year one student receives a college scholarship and one extremely talented student receives backing for their business model/project.